Shasada Australia

Shasada Australia is a fashion label from Sydney, Australia. Designed by Papuan born Shasa Davies. Specializing in techniques used in the creation of culturally significant Papuan batik fabric as well as modern design.


Who is Shasa Davies?

Shasa Davies is the first Papuan Indonesian Fashion designer. Born and raised in Merauke, Indonesia, Shasa completed high school and attended the University of Indonesia, completing a Bachelor Of Economics degree. Shasa then worked as a flight attendant in one of Indonesia's regional airlines while commencing study in administration and etiquette at John Robert Power Institute, Jakarta.

After migrating to Australia, Shasa enrolled in Fashion Design and Technology course at Billy Blue College. She successfully completed a Bachelor of Design.

In 2017, 'SHASADA' was born through which Shasa pursued her passion for design. Her works were very successful and sold throughout Asia. Her designs stem from her early exposure to the techniques used in the creation of culturally significant Papuan batik fabric, as well as her mother's influence as a home seamstress.

In 2019, she commenced marketing her designs in the United States market. Her unique and simple creations were promoted in 'GMARO', one of America's leading fashion magazine (ISSUE NO.12, 2019). For the first time through FlyingSoloNYC.

Last September 2020 Shasa was aloud to present her collection in NYFW, she has appeared in every Fashion magazine in USA, France, Canada, SPAIN and MOSCOW.

Send Love to y'all please Stay Safe everyone.

-Shasa Davies-

— About Batik—

Papuan batik is a unique form of batik design native to the the papuan region of Indonesia. Characterized by its use of meaningful symbols and intricate patterns. Such as the bird of paradise. Symbolizing beauty, prosperity and the social culture of the papuan people.

The creation of Papuan Batik involves the use of wax-resistant dyeing applied to the whole cloth. Followed by the drawing of patterns with pencil and later redrawn using hot wax, usually made from a mixture of paraffin or beeswax, sometimes mixed with plant resins, which functions as a dye-resistant.

 This is achieved with the use of a spouted tool called a tjanting, or by printing the resistant areas with a copper stamp called a cap. The main difference with using a tjanting opposed to a copper stamp. Is the time and effort it takes. In some cases taking a whole year to perfect the design.